Onco Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery Department at Kolhapur Cancer Centre

After Successful inception and management of Kolhapur Cancer Centre, Dr.Suraj Pawar brings to you; Kolhapur's first-ever sophisticated and advanced technology equipped, hospital – “Robotic Surgery Department”.

Robotic Surgery have emerged as the fastest growing field in the last 30 years or so. The reason for this is this sugeries are comparatively less painful and more accurate to the purpose. 'Robosurg – Robotic Surgery Centre' has been equipped with the renowned 'Versius' technology developed by the England based company CMR. This will serve to bring in a radical revolution in the field of medical surgeries.

Dr. Suraj Pawar - Chief Surgical Oncologist & Robotic Surgeon
Robotics Surgery Hospitals in Maharashtra

How does Robotic Surgery Work in Practice?

During this surgery, there are four arms of the robot around the patient whose operation is to be conducted. Out of these four arms, one of them is embedded with a camera, whereas the others are equipped with surgical equipment.

The head surgeon sits at a distance in a specialized console wherein he is able to view 40 times bigger 3D image of the patient's internal organs. While looking at this image in the console, the head surgeon with the help of controllers successfully conducts the surgery using the movements of the arms of the robot in the most accurate degrees.