Dormitory Services

The majority of patients coming to Hospital for surgery or post-surgical treatment (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, etc) need a place to stay while undergoing treatment. In order to make the relatives & patients have a comfortable stay with all the facilities, Kolhapur Cancer Centre offers the dormitory service at a very nominal cost. A free dormitory hall is also available for those who cannot afford to pay.

Ambulance Service

Kolhapur Cancer Centre has two ambulances 24/7 deployed for any emergencies. The service is made available at a very nominal cost to make it affordable for everybody. Our motto is to provide medical care to anybody & everybody in need, nobody should be denied the right to avail any medical service due to financial problems.

Canteen Service

A canteen that caters the need of our cancer patients as well as their relatives at a very nominal cost is available in the premise of the hospital.

Hope Van: - Health Check Up Camps & Awareness of Cancer

Indian Cancer Society (ICS) has donated the “Hope Van” to Kolhapur Cancer Centre which is used to arrange health check up camps in the rural areas of Western Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa. These camps are used to spread awareness about Cancers, deliver lectures as well as check up and detect cancer at an early stage and then give proper guidance to the suspects.

Social Media Awareness

Every alternate Wednesday, our consultants and specialists deliver cancer awareness lectures in a very simple and understandable language. Anybody having access to internet and a mobile device can attend the lectures and get the most updated knowledge on different cancers. Kolhapur Cancer Centre has also started an educational series on YouTube Live on alternate Saturdays for all the doctors who want to update their knowledge in the new trends in Cancer diagnosis & treatments. This will not only help the doctors themselves in updating their own knowledge but also benefit the society as this may help in early detection of cancer.All the knowledge hub is available on our YouTube channel

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