Dr. Sujitkumar Todkar

Dr.Sujitkumar Todkar

Dr. Sujitkumar Todkar

Visiting Physiotherapist

Dr. Sujitkumar Todkar completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2010 & Masters in 2013 from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.He specialises in

NDTA-Neuro Developmental Therapeutic approach

Neurology and Neurological Rehabilitation.

Stroke rehabilitation.

Musculo skeletal injuries and Rehabilitation.

Deep ability to observe, assess and record symptoms, reactions and progress.

Pre and post operative physiotherapy after joint Replacement.

Bronchial Hygiene, chest Physiotherapy.

After working & gaining experience in different hospitals, he has joined Kolhapur Cancer Centre as a visiting Physiotherapist with the aim to recover the patient from incapacity which is due to illness and to make each and every individual fit and healthy.

For Emergency Service Please Contact +91 888 802 4444