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State of Art Technology

Medical Oncology

Under the guidence of a qualified Medical Oncologiests the centre is well equipped to provide:

  • The medical oncology department at Kolhapur Cancer Centre is headed by well experienced and qualified consultants.
  • Over past 6 years, more than 10,000+ number of patients have received chemotherapy
  • More than 3000+ number of patients with Hematolymphoid (Leukemia & Lymphoma & Myeloma)have been treated at KCC.
  • Targeted therapy to reduce conventional side effects of chemotherapy have been given in 500 patients
  • Recently we have treated more than 100 pts on Immunotherapy which is the near future
  • We have Bio safety cabinet for mixing of Chemotherapy drugs so as minimize exposure of toxic drugs to staff.
  • Separate Neutropenic ward in isolation for management of Immuno compromised patients
  • Integrated blood storage facility for blood components
  • To prevent extravasation of drug & avoid trauma of multiple needle pricks , we routinely place PORT or PICC
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Dr. Chetan Dilip Deshmukh

MD, DM (Medical Oncologists)
Visiting Consultant, Department of Medical Oncology

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